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Mediterranean Archaeology

Australian and New Zealand Journal for Mediterranean Archaeology

Since its foundation in 1988, Mediterranean Archaeology provides a much-needed medium through which archaeologists report on their research and field work in the Mediterranean region. It has established itself as a journal of international import.

Its comparatively large format (210 x 297mm) and its high production quality both reflect the priority given to the presentation of archaeological material, be it from excavations or from collections and museums. 

Mediterranean Archaeology is a peer-reviewed annual open to contributors from any country and publishes papers in English, French, German, and Italian.

Editorial board:

  • Jean-Paul Descœudres (Editor)
  • Derek Harrison (Assistant Editor) 
  • Elodie Paillard
  • Ted Robinson
  • Gaye Wilson

Access to the Journal

Mediterranean Archaeology is available to purchase from Sydney University Press.

Mediterranean Archaeology can also be accessed electronically via JSTOR.


All submissions should be directly sent to the editor via email. Authors are welcome to submit manuscripts even before they comply with our guidelines.

Author guidelines can be found here.


Corpus Vasorum Antiquitorum

Michael Turner and Alexander Cambitoglou

Volume 1:

Established in 1919, The Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (CVA) series brings together the known holdings of Greek and Italian pottery held in museums and private collections around the world into a standard format. There are now nearly 350 volumes from 26 countries in the series.

This is the first CVA to be written on an Australian collection. It focuses on the Nicholson Museum’s collection of South Italian pottery from Apulia. The first pieces, comprising 28 complete pots were acquired by the museum’s founder Sir Charles Nicholson and given to the University in 1860. Since then the South Italian collection has grown through gifts and purchases and now numbers over 250 items.

Format: hardback
96 pages
ISBN: 9781742100913
Copyright: © 2011
Publication: 01 Nov 2011

Order your copy from Sydney University Press

Volume 2:

This is the second Australian fascicule of the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. It comprises sixty-six whole pots and fragments from the South Italian collection of Lucanian, Campanian, Paestan, Sicilian and Gnathian pottery in the Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney.

The volume includes six pots donated by the museum’s founder Sir Charles Nicholson in 1860, purchased in Italy in 1856-57, as well as thirty-three pots acquired by Dale Trendall, both during his years as curator of the museum (1939-1954) and following his move to Canberra in 1954.

The volume has been written by Michael Turner, Senior Curator of the Nicholson Museum, and Alexander Cambitoglou, Director of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens.

Format: hardback
96 pages
Copyright: © 2014
ISBN: 9781742103297
Publication: 01 Aug 2014

Order your copy from Sydney University Press

Order Volumes 1 & 2 together from Sydney University Press

Adonis, His Representations in South Italian Vase-Painting

Alexander Cambitoglou and edited by Jean-Paul Descoeudres

Adonis, the beautiful youth, born of the myrrh tree, loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone, hardly needs any introduction. His legend, of Oriental origin, spread early and rapidly to Greece and Italy. In Athens, his cult is attested as early as the 5th century, though representations of him in the arts remain surprisingly rare. Not so in South Italy, where from the early 4th century on his myth inspired some of the greatest vase-painters, especially in Apulia.

As the present systematic and richly illustrated analysis of his representations in South Italian Vase-painting shows, Adonis played in Magna Graecia a much more important role than had hitherto been suspected.

Format: paperback
138 pages
Copyright: © 2019
ISBN: 9783034335409
Publication: 01 Mar 2019

Order your copy from Sydney University Press

Hellenistic gold jewellery in the Benaki Museum, Athens

Dr Monica M. Jackson

This book is a complete presentation of the entire Hellenistic jewellery of the Benaki Museum. Jewellery is tested both in typology and in complex construction techniques. In a separate chapter, is developed the historical context in which the goldsmith of the period grew. The scholar has selected seven jewelleries from the collection, which are dealt with by her in depth using rich comparative material.

Order your copy directly from the Benaki Museum


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