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Why Become an Archaeological Content Provider?

Managing archival data – including preparation for publication or analysis – is a constant challenge for all archaeological field projects or institutions, particularly those who have inherited legacy data from other projects or researchers. Too often, the volume of data requiring processing weighs down progress and inhibits timely publication. Furthermore, digital data management and digital migration plans are now standard criteria for grant applications. Yet funding is incredibly scarce – it is hard enough to get funding to sample and obtain data in the field, let alone publish or digitise primary data.

Establishing a volunteer program of this calibre is not easy. It takes a great amount of time and energy to set up a volunteer program of relevance and reward to archaeology students today. Maintaining it even more so.

We offer our Archaeological Content Providers access to our fully developed volunteer program to aid in the latter endeavour. Importantly, we have the infrastructure and sophisticated training programs to ensure volunteers are rewarded for their work, and not exploited. We offer volunteers a dynamic and rewarding environment through which to obtain relevant practical experience that improves their career and research prospects. This is largely thanks to our team of personable professionals and enthusiastic team leaders together with the meaningful work engaged in.

Archaeological Content Partners (primarily field projects) thus gain aid in the timely processing of their material, while facilitating the professional training of current students in the requisite skills they require to succeed in both archaeology and the digital world we now live in.

By partnering with the Digital Horizons Project, you receive full access to an established, ongoing volunteer program run by the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens’ team of professional experts and researchers to help train future archaeologists. Our small army of volunteers are enthusiastic, passionate, well-trained and in need of experience opportunities.

This volunteer project cannot continue without data on which to work. We are passionate about student training and field opportunities, and very much wish to see future generations able to take advantage of the program our staff have dedicated so much of their personal time to develop.

How to become an Archaeological Content Provider

To become an Archaeological Content Provider, simply email the AAIA Director (stavros.paspalas@sydney.edu.au) – cc the DHP Director  (thomas.romanis@sydney.edu.au) – to request a meeting to discuss your needs and any outstanding questions. From there, we will work together to form a partnership proposal for review before entering into a formal contract.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Thomas Romanis with any questions you may have.


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