The Digital Horizons Project prides itself on the highly quality training that our staff and mentors offer the volunteers. As each staff member has extensive history in the archaeology and humanities fields, they are able to instruct volunteers and aid them in developing a wide variety of skills and abilities. Volunteers gain one on one and small-group based training, allowing them to gain an intimate understanding of the skills that they are learning and to develop a strong learning environment. See the mentors and their skills below!

Kristen Mann
Digital Horizons Project Director

Dr Kristen Mann, holds a PhD from the University of Sydney.

Kristen is the founder and Director of the Digital Horizons Project.

Thomas Romanis
Digital Horizons Project Co-Director

Thomas Romanis holds a Bachelor of Ancient History from Macquarie University, and a Masters of Museum and Heritage Studies, awarded by University of Sydney in 2020.

He is Co-Director of the DHP and Volunteer Coordinator. Tom, oversees the work of each volunteer team, maintains morale, and keeps the project momentum going.

Stavros Paspalas
AAIA Director

I am a classical archaeologist with extensive fieldwork experience having worked on a number of projects including the Zagora excavations, those at Torone (in the northern Aegean), and an archaeological survey on the island of Kythera. I am a co-director of the Zagora Archaeological Project and Director of the Zagora 3 publication project. I have been aiding volunteers’ research skills through my knowledge of Zagora, particularly its fine ware ceramics, and in helping in the analysis and further understanding of the sanctuary area deposits.

Yvonne Inall
Project Officer

I am an archaeologist who specialises in Iron Age weaponry and warfare, as well as archaeologies of violence and commemoration.
I work with DHP volunteers to help them develop their writing skills, public engagement and employability.

Brett Myers
AAIA Administration Officer

Brett received his BA (hons) from The University of Sydney and completed a Graduate Diploma in Museum and Heritage Studies there as well. Brett has worked at the Nicholson Museum, The Archaeological Computing Laboratory and the Centre for Continuing Education. He commenced his role as ‘Administration Officer’ at the Australian Archaeological institute at Athens in 2000. He received his MPhil in 2018 with research centred on South Italian (Lucanian) fortified centres, circa 400 to100 BC, primarily using Graphical Information Systems and network analysis to analyse their distribution.
Brett has been involved in presenting a number of GIS based workshops for the Digital Horizons Project. He also provides technical and logistical support for the project as a whole.

Andrew Wilson
Archaeological Collections Registrar

Andrew Wilson is an historical archaeologist with a particular focus on the application of digital methods in archaeology. His research interests include Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their use in the interpretation and analysis of historical maps and the archaeology of Indigenous-European interaction in Australia. He is the Archaeological Collections Registrar and works with the DHP Artefact Processing Team on the cataloguing, photography and data input of artefacts and samples excavated from the early Sydney sites of Elizabeth Farm and Regentville.

Image: Andrew conducting an Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative GIS Workshop at Angkor (Photo: Caverly Cary)

Beatrice McLoughlin
AAIA Research Officer

Beatrice holds degrees in Ancient History and Ancient Greek from the University of WA, and an MPhil from Sydney, focussed on the Pithos makers of Zagora.
Beatrice worked on excavations at Torone from 1985. In 1993 Beatrice supervised the transfer of the Torone, and later the Zagora, archives to digital platforms.

Beatrice acts as database manager for the DHP and oversees, and responds to workflow issues raised by the digitization and metadata management teams.

Beatrice trains our volunteers in digital humanities, software and database applications and digital tools for cleaning and moving data.


Dr Stavros Paspalas – Director
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